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Environmental Responsbility

Sustainability at JESEDU-Rio2017



Catarinense School – Brazil

The International Congress for Jesuit Education Delegates is commited to environmental responsbility and thus we have decided to implement the following criteria and measures to put into action our devotion to taking care of creation.



Colegio Medianeira – Brasil


1. We will encourage the use of re-usable material in order to avoid the use of disposable products, especially those that cannot be recycled.

2. We will encourage the use of Fairtrade products that foment sustainability and have physical traceability.

3. We will encourage the use of digital platforms in order to prevent printing documents  and generating waste.

4. All discarded materials will be recycled or re-designed for use by other institutions or social organizations.


Cristo Rey School – Perú


1.In order to offset the carbon footprint caused by the air travel of conference participants through the reforestation of a forest located in Rio de Janeiro.

2. Each participant will receive a re-usable water bottle in order to avoid the use of disposable plastic bottles.

3. We will not offer merchandise except that which is strictly necessary for the identification of participants, this material will be produced with the recycled materials.

4. We will give each participant a list of recommendations to promote energy conservation and to reduce waste generation.