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What is the JESEDU-Rio2017?

General Information



JESEDU-Rio2017 is the International Congress of the Jesuit Education Delegates. The event will be held in October of 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The participants are the Education Delegates from all six Conferences of the Society of Jesus, members of the regional school networks and members of the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE). The Congress is organized by the Jesuit School Network of Latin America (FLACSI) and the Brazilian Jesuit Education Network (RJE-BR) with the support of the Secretariat for Education of the Society of Jesus. The Congress also has a virtual version that will take place in the months of March and April, 2017. We will send the invitation to the Virtual Congress to the Education Delegates, directors, school leaders and the teams from the different Jesuit school networks.

¿What we are looking for?

The creation of a common global agenda with the capability to orient the work of the Jesuit worldwide school network as an answer to the call “to act as a universal body with a universal mission” (CG35,  D.2, No.20). This common global agenda should be part of the final statement of the Congress.

Objectives of the Congress


1. Reflect on the current frontiers of education within the path of the educational renewal that the Society of Jesus encourages us to undertake.

2. Define a set of guidelines, common minimum guidelines, that will guide us in the process of building our global network.

3. Expand our personal relationship as Educational Delegates of Jesuit Schools.

4. Describe the role of Educational Delegates as co-responsible for the global network of schools.

The motto of the Congress is:

“United in a global network: a fire that kindles other fires.”

And the Virtual Congress?

During March and April of 2017 a Virtual Congress will be held, the participants will be the members of Educate Magis, The Education Delegates and leaderships of our networks and schools, will collaborate with their opinions and ideas.

And now?

If you are the DELEGATE OF EDUCATION in your Jesuit Province:

1. You must register at Educate Magis (

2. Promote the registration of other team members of the schools or networks of your province or region.

3. Participate in the Virtual Congress. (more information click here)

4. If you attending, you will receive the information by email.

If you are a member of a leadership team of a Network or Jesuit School:

1. You must register at Educate Magis ( as soon as possible.

2. Promote the registration of your colleagues.

3. Participate in the Virtual Congress. (Click here).

Other members of a Jesuit School.

1. Check Educate Magis (

2.  Follow Congress through the Social Networks.


Live Tradition.

A long tradition of Schools of the Society of Jesus goes back to the early years of the religious order. In 1639, almost a hundred years after its founding, 444 schools were recorded. Today, the number has increased to over 2,000 schools.

“A aim of  theJesuit Education has never been only the acquisition of information and skills or the preparation for a career, but all these things are important by themselves and useful to future christian leaders. The ultimate goal of secondary education of the Society is the full personal growths of the person, which leads to action, action that is suffused with the spirit and presence of Jesus Christ, the Man for others “(Characteristics of Jesuit Education # 167).

Approximately the 7.5% of the Jesuits in the world work, they are linked to the school network.


The Way to the Renewal of the Jesuit Education.

In 1967, the General Congregation XXXI established the Secretariat of Education and thus began a journey of reflection about ways to renewal the educational proposal from the Society of Jesus.

In 1980 Pedro Arrupe, SJ created ICAJE: the International Commission for the Apostolate of Jesuit Education, in order to encourage the educational renewal of schools and also advise the Secretariat. The ICAJE today continues this work and contributes significantly to the animation of the Global Network of Schools and coordination of the ongoing renewal of our schools.




Quick Information

Event Name :
International Congress for the Jesuit Education Delegates

Short name :

Date :
From October 16th to 20th of 2017

(Arrival on Sunday 15th and departure on Saturday 21th of October)

Motto :
“United in a Global Network: A Fire That Kindles Other Fires”

Location :
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Centro Cultural Joao XXIII Nicknamed: BAMBINA)

Participants :
Education Delegates (62 approx.) and members of the Global Jesuit Education Network.

Fee :
USD$ 500  (US Dollars) Includes: Transportation to the airport, alimentation during the Congress and accommodations.

The Virtual Congress will be free of charge for all participants

Primary Sponsor :
Secretariat for Education  

Contributing Sponsors :
Latin American Federation of Jesuit Schools, FLACSI
Jesuit School Network of Brazil (RJE-BR).    .     

Contact Person :
Rafael Galaz