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In 2012, for the first time in history, the Society of Jesus organized a meeting for the headmasters of the secondary schools around the world. The meeting took place in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). The goal was to strengthen the global network by providing a space to share ideas and resources as well as to discuss our strengths and challenges that we have to face up to in the context of our mission and identity as Society of Jesuits.

ICJSE- Boston 2012


“The world is our home” was the motto of the first International Symposium of Jesuit Education held in Boston, where the participants of the Colloquium came to the conclusion that it is very important for us to strongly encourage a global network for secondary education.

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Boston 2012 – Flickr

SIPEI-Manresa 2014


In continuation of the International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education (ICJSE) in Boston, the next event was organized in November 2014 in the city of Manresa (Barcelona, Spain) by the International Seminar on Education and Ignatian Spirituality (SIPEI).


Sipei – Manresa 2014

During that event, a new opportunity to reflect about our Spirituality and our Educational mission was created. In the Cave of San Ignacio we concluded that the “Ignatian Spirituality should be the context of our educational proposal”.

For this reason we aim to reunite in 2017, to “install the foundations” from which “we build the bridges that connect and articulates an International Network of Education will be constructed”.

Educate Magis

In the spirit of Global Jesuit Education and as a new way of proceeding for Jesuit schools worldwide Educate Magis was launched in 2015. This online community platform was built to connect educators from Jesuit Schools around the world in order to collaborate on a global level in service of our common mission, a faith that does justice.

logo Educate Magis

Educate Magis will be the platform hosting the virtual conversations leading up following on the global JESEDU-Rio in 2017. Click here and become a member of Educate Magis.