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About us

JESEDU-Rio2017 is the International Congress for the Jesuit Education Delegates. The event will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in October of 2017 and will be attended by the Education Delegates from all regions of the Society of Jesus and members of the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE). It’s organized by the Latin American Federation of Jesuit Schools (FLACSI – for its acronym in Spanish) and the Network of Jesuit Schools of Brazil (RJE – for its acronym in Portuguese).

Before the Congress in October, there is a Virtual Congress in March and April of 2017, for the Education Delegates, Educators and Leaderships of the Global Networks of Jesuit Education.

Jesedu miembros

Source: Brazil Jesuit School Network. Network Leaderships meeting 2016.


The JESEDU is organized by the Latin American Federation of the Society of Jesus, FLACSI,  and the Brazilian Association of Jesuit Schools, RJE-Brazil.


Source: Infographic of the institutions members and associate to FLACSI



FLACSI: The Jesuit Colleges in Latin America and the Caribbean.

90 Schools in 13 networks of 19 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean are united in the Federation, which with the network of “Fe y Alegría”, represents the Secondary and Pre-secondary Education of the Society of Jesus in Latin America.

FLACSI, founded in 2001 is a modern and dynamic organization which it have a central team distributed throughout 6 countries (Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile), the presidency and executive management is located in Bogota, Colombia.
FLACSI will be responsible for the coordinating and preparation tasks, the logistics, the program with the team in Brazil.


Jose Mesa

P. José Alberto Mesa, SJ / Secretary for Education, Society of Jesus

Hugo Moreno

P. Hugo Moreno, SJ / President of FLACSI

Mario Sundermann

P. Mário Sündermann, SJ / President of Brazilian Educational Jesuit Network and Delegates for Education in CPAL

Luiz Monnerat

P. Luiz Antonio Monnerat, SJ / President of Santo Inacio School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sonia Magalhaes

Prof. Sônia Magalhães / President of Sao Luis School, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Felipe Carrillo

Juan Felipe Carrillo / Executive Secretary of FLACSI.

Rafael Galaz

Rafael Galaz / FLACSI. General Coordinator JESEDU-RIO2017



Fernanda Lanna /  Sao Luis School, Logistic Coordinator for JESEDU-RIO2017.

Xavier Aragay

Xavier Aragay / Jesuïtes Educació (ESP) 


Ciara Beuster / Social Communicator Educate Magis.


Dan Carmody / Assistant of the Secretariat for Education.