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Congress location.

The Congress will be held at the Joao XXIII Cultural Center, located in the Botafogo neighborhood of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The place belongs to the Brazilian province of the Company of Jesus and the offices of the Network of Jesuit Schools of Brazil (RJE-BR)

Place of the Congress

Centro Cultural Joao XXIII (La Bambina)

Adress: Rua Bambina 115, Botafogo, Brasil.


Hotel ZII Botafogo


São Clemente, 30 – Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22260-000, Brasil

source: google maps

The Congress venue is 30 minutes from the Airport (with normal traffic)


captura-de-pantalla-2017-01-03-a-las-11-08-28The participants of JESEDU-Rio2017 will be staying in a hotel near the place of the Congress. The hotel name and address will be delivered in advance. Every day participants will walk from the hotel to the Venue (walking distance will be 5 minutes). In case of rain the alternative of a transport vehicle will be offered, or umbrellas will be delivered. The rooms will be individual with private bathroom.




Check in / Check out.  (subject to change)

If you want to advance your arrival or delay your departure you must notify the Congress organization in advance ( This will generate an extra cost that you must pay directly to the Hotel.

The hours covered by the Congress:

CHECK IN: Sunday 15th of October 2017, from 11:00am

CHECK OUT: Saturday 21st of October 2017, until 12:00pm

Some helpful phrases in Portuguese to ask for a cab.

Where can I find a taxi stand?
           Por favor, onde posso encontrar um ponto de taxi?
Take me to _____, please.
Leve-me para o/a _______, por favor ( )
How much does it cost to get to _____?
Quanto custa para ir à/ao _____? ( )
Take me there, please.
Leve-me para lá, por favor. ( )